Chartwork & Pilotage Level 1

Western Maritime Institute’s Chartwork & Pilotage Level 1 course provides students with the knowledge required to plan and conduct safe navigation, understand make use of various navigation-related publications, determine the ship’s position, and keep a log book and record of errors.

The following topics are covered:

  1. Knowledge of principles of construction of the different types of charts and their use;
  2. Thorough knowledge of and ability to use publications;
  3. Keeping a Log Book and a record of Compass Errors;
  4. Ability to determine the ship’s position by using:
    • Landmarks;
    • Aids to Navigation, including Lighthouses, Beacons and Buoys;
    • Dead Reckoning, taking into account Winds, Tides, Currents and Estimated Speed;

Course Prerequisite: The student must be at least 16-years of age to enrol in this course.

Chartwork & Pilotage Level 1 is required for:
Master Limited (under 60 Gross Tons)
Mate 150 GT, Domestic
Watchkeeping Mate of a Fishing Vessel
Fishing Master 4