Engine Room Rating

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Engine Room Rating Program Overview

Western Maritime Institute’s Transport Canada-approved Engine Room Rating program provides excellent entry level training for those who have little or no marine experience but would like to work in the marine industry initially as an Engine Room Assistant. Combining hands-on and theoretical training, this 9-week long program introduces students to the knowledge required to assist Marine Engineers with maintaining the vessel’s engines, machinery, and other engineering equipment.

Western Maritime Institute’s ERR program is the only such program in Western Canada! The program meets the requirements set out in STCW Code Section A-III/4 and Transport Canada TP 10933B.

Admission Requirements for Engine Room Rating

  • Grade 12 preferred or mature student status.
  • Seafarer’s Medical from a Transport Canada doctor prior to the program start date to ensure that you are physically able to undertake employment in the marine industry.  Tuition fee/deposits are not refunded based on the results of your Seafarer’s Medical. 
  • Candidate Document Number (CDN) from Transport Canada.

Engine Room Rating Sea Time Requirement

Graduates from Western Maritime Institute’s Transport Canada-approved Engine Room Rating program will be credited three months of qualifying sea service applicable to the Engine Room Rating and Fourth-class Engineer certificates. That means, by successfully completing this program, instead of requiring six months of sea service to sit the Transport Canada ERR exams, you only need three months of sea service, which can be obtained after completing the program.

Transport Canada-Approved Engine Room Rating Program Courses

  1. Engine Room Rating course
  2. MED STCW Basic Safety Training Certificate
  3. MED Survival Craft and Rescue Boats Training Certificate
  4. Marine Basic First Aid Certificate

Students are required to have all four courses in order to obtain their Engine Room Rating certificate. Students who have completed their MEDs and Marine First Aid course elsewhere will be required to provide those certificates prior to receiving the ERR certificate.

Program Length and Dates

The Engine Room Rating program is 9 weeks in length with rolling intakes in September and January (additional dates may be added if the demand exists). Admission is on a first qualified, first enrolled basis.

Career Opportunities for Engine Room Assistants

Demand for entry level marine workers is growing, as an aging workforce creates numerous opportunities in this field, making this an ideal time to embark on your seafaring career, especially within the engineering field.

Upon successful completion of the Engine Room Rating program, you should be able to:

  • Operate and service main propulsion and auxiliary machinery under supervision
  • Carry out engine room watchkeeping duties under supervision
  • Read indicating instruments related to engine room watchkeeping duties and understand the significance of the readings
  • Use hand and portable power tools
  • Maintain temperatures, pressures, and proper oil/water levels in the engine room
  • Understand and apply safe working procedures related to engine room operations
  • Tell the difference between various engine room alarms especially those related to fire suppression
  • Use internal communication systems and read, write, and interpret instructions and messages related to Watchkeeping duties.

Engine Room Assistants are employed on board merchant vessels including those operated by BC Ferries and Canadian Coast Guards. Graduates can work on any-sized commercial vessel from the smallest vessels to super tankers.

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