MED STCW Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat


This course equips students with the knowledge of launching, operating, and recovering davit-launched survival craft, life rafts and rescue boats, including actions to take when abandoning a vessel. Students will also learn how to safely evacuate a vessel, handle survival craft in rough weather, and use survival equipment and rescue methods, including helicopter rescue.

The course meets the requirements set out in Table A-VI/2-1 of the STCW Code including 2010 Manila amendments.

Topics covered include:

  • Construction and outfit of survival craft and rescue boats and individual items of their equipment
  • Characteristics and facilities of survival craft and rescue boats.
  • Devices used for launching survival craft and rescue boats
  • Methods for launching and recovering survival craft
  • Actions to take when required to abandon ship
  • Launching and recovering rescue boats in rough water and handing survival craft in rough weather
  • Effects of hypothermia and its prevention, use of protective covers and garments, including immersion suits and thermal protective aids
  • Use of first aid and resuscitation techniques and management of injured persons, including controlling bleeding and shock
  • Use of radio life-saving appliances in survival craft including satellite EPIRBs and SARTs
  • Use of pyrotechnic distress signals.


Course Prerequisite: Student must be at least 16-years of age to enroll in this course.

Course Duration: 30.5 hours


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