Spring Marine Courses

May 9, 2018

Whether you operate a fishing vessel, tug boat, or whale watching boat, Western Maritime Institute spring marine courses starting in September, 2018 will help you and your crew meet Transport Canada’s certificate requirements. Transport Canada is enforcing certificate requirements on vessels now.

Fishing Master, Fourth Class 

For individuals with 12 months sea-service experiences as a master, mate or deck hand on a fishing vessel. This certificate allows you to operate a fishing boat up to 100 gross tonnage.

Watchkeeping Mate of a Fishing Vessel to 150 Gross Tonnage

For individuals who do NOT have 12 months sea-service experience on a fishing vessel, but do have at least 183 x 8 hour days of experience as a deckhand, and are interested in becoming a Watch-keeping Mate of a fishing vessel, this set of courses will help fulfill that goal.

Master, Limited for a Vessel Less than 60 Gross Tonnage

For those individuals who have at least 60 days of sea time and wish to be Master of a small vessel or tug boat under 60 gross tonnage, such as a whale watching boat, the Master, Limited Certificate of Competency is the perfect fit.

This certificate allows the holder to act as the Master of a vessel, appropriate to the area of operation and the type and gross tonnage of the vessel as specified on the certificate.

Master, 500GT, Domestic

For those crew members who are ready to move up to the 500GT, Master Certificate level and the specified pre-requisite Certificate and sea time, Western Maritime Institute’s accelerated program starts in February, 2017. WMI schedules these courses back to back, shortening the time required to complete the courses and getting your crew back to work sooner!

Our simulator is installed and we’re currently developing the SEN-Management course with anticipated start date in 2019

For these and other marine courses, online registration is open now or contact our Admissions Advisor,  at info@maritimeed.com or 1-866-632-6888.