“With the help of teachers and staff at WMI, I was able to obtain my Bridge Watch Rating certificate. I currently work as a deckhand on a tug.”


“I recently finished MED STCW Survival Craft with Jerry Bowen as my Instructor. He had amazing knowledge of the course, with additional stories from his past experience. The school brought us out to the docks to experience a TEMPSC boat and to a pool for Inflatable life raft and exposure suit training. I highly recommend this course and teacher to those looking for such training.”

Erik Finnhansen

“Western Maritime Institute is a great, fun place to learn with knowledgeable instructors with experience throughout the industry”

Jordan Foote

“With my new bridge watch rating,  I challenged and passed it. I got a lot of information from my instructor Serge in the MED STCW Basic Safety Training course.  Please let him know I am saying a huge “Thank you!”