MED STCW Basic Safety Training (Formerly MED A1 + B2)

The Basic Safety Training course is made up of classroom lecture as well as practical firefighting, lifesaving, survival, and rescue exercises. It meets the requirements for Personal Survival Techniques, Basic Firefighting, and Personal Safety and Social Responsibility set out in Table A-VI/1-1, Table A-VI/1-2 and Table A-VI/1-4 of the STCW Code including 2010 Manila amendments.

Topics covered include:

  • types of emergency situations which may occur, contingency plans for responding to emergencies, and actions to take on discovering potential emergency and/or hearing emergency alarm signals
  • types of lifesaving appliances normally carried on various vessels
  • equipment in survival craft
  • location of personal lifesaving appliances
  • principles concerning survival including value of training and drills, personal protective clothing and equipment, etc.
  • shipboard firefighting organization and action to be taken
  • firefighting theory and firefighting equipment location on the vessel, and emergency escape route
  • firefighting procedures and use and care of breathing apparatus
  • social responsibility for contributing to effective human relationships on board vessel.
  • Student must be at least 16 years of age to enroll in this course.
  • Student must be clean-shaven for the firefighting portion of the course.

46 hours

Course Availibility

Location Start Date End Date Tuition Status
Ladysmith Oct. 24, 2022 Oct. 29, 2022 $2,300 FULL
Ladysmith Nov. 14, 2022 Nov. 19, 2022 $2,300 FULL
Ladysmith Nov. 21, 2022 Nov. 26, 2022 $2,300 OPEN
Ladysmith Nov. 28, 2022 Dec. 03, 2022 $2,300 OPEN
Ladysmith Dec. 12, 2022 Dec. 17, 2022 $2,300 FULL
Ladysmith Jan. 16, 2023 Jan. 21, 2023 $2,300 OPEN

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