Watchkeeping Mate, Near Coastal

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The Watchkeeping Mate, Near Coastal Certificate of Competency trains mariners to become second or third position in command behind the Master and/or Chief Mate depending on the voyage and vessel. The Watchkeeping Mate is responsible for:

  • Navigating the vessel
  • Responding to emergencies
  • Ensuring the vessel safely avoids other traffic
  • Overseeing the loading, stowage, security, and unloading of cargo
  • Mooring and anchoring the vessel
  • Keeping fire and security watches
  • Standing in place of the Chief Mate in vessels over 3000 gross tons if the Chief Mate is incapacitated.

Accelerated Watchkeeping Mate Certificate

With courses offered back-to-back, students can complete a Watchkeeping Mate, Near Coastal certificate in 36 weeks.

Students who have successfully complete this certificate may act as:

  1. Chief Mate on board a vessel of not more than 3,000 gross tonnage on a near coastal voyage; and
  2. Chief Mate on board a vessel of any tonnage engaged on a sheltered waters voyage.

Sea Time Requirement for Watchkeeping Mate, Near Coastal Certificate

An Applicant for a Watchkeeping Mate, Near Coastal Certificate of Competency must be at least 18 years old on the day on which he/she receives the Certificate and meet the following requirements:

After the age of 16, the applicant must have aquired at least 36 months of sea time performing deck duties on vessel(s) of at least 25GT while the vessel(s) are engage in voyages beyond sheltered waters. This must include 6 months performing bridgewatching duties under the supervision of a qualified deck officer.

According to the Marine Personnel Regulations, sea service is not a pre-requisite for sitting the Mate or Master Certificate courses, but students are required to have the appropriate sea service in order to undertake the General Seamanship oral exam at Transport Canada as the last step leading to certification

Transport Canada-Accredited Watchkeeping Mate, Near Coastal Courses

Students will then need to sit an oral examination on General Seamanship at Transport Canada after successfully meeting the requirements above.

Career Opportunities for Watchkeeping Mate, Near Coastal Grads

Western Maritime Institute Watchkeeping Mate Certificate grads are now employed as Mates with:

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