Meteorology Course Level 1

Western Maritime Institute’s Meteorology Level 1 course provides students with the knowledge needed to use and interpret information from a vessel’s meteorological instruments. Students learn about various weather systems, reporting procedures, and recording systems. The Meteorology, Level 1 Course prepares students to write a Transport Canada approved exam at Western Maritime Institute.

Meteorology Level 1 is required for:

Master 150GT, Domestic
Watchkeeping Mate, Near Coastal
Master 500GT, Domestic

The course covers the following topics:

  1. Ability to use and interpret information obtained from shipborne meteorological instruments;
  2. Knowledge of the characteristics of the various weather systems, reporting procedures and recording system;
    • The atmosphere, its composition and physical properties;
    • Atmospheric pressure;
    • Wind;
    • Cloud and precipitation;
    • Visibility;
    • The wind and pressure systems over the oceans;
    • Structure of depressions;
    • Anticylones and other pressure system;
    • Weather services for shipping;
    • Recording and reporting weather observations.
  3. Ability to apply meteorological information to forecast weather.

The student must be at least 16 years of age to enroll in this course.

Course Availibility

Location Start Date End Date Tuition Status
Online Oct. 04, 2022 Oct. 20, 2022 $2,100 OPEN
Online Nov. 07, 2022 Nov. 23, 2022 $2,100 FULL
Online Mar. 22, 2023 Apr. 06, 2023 $2,100 OPEN

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