SEN – Operational (Formerly SEN 1B)

This Simulated Electronic Navigation – Operational level course is designed to provide the student thorough knowledge of the application of the Collision Regulations and principles to be observed in keeping a navigational watch in a simulated environment while using electronic aids to plot the ship’s position and progress, and in a one-on-one ship situation to take necessary action to avoid collision without putting vessel at risk.

This course is approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch of BC.

Chartwork & Pilotage Level 2, ROC-MC, SEN- EPS(Former SEN 1A), Navigation Safety Level 1

Course Availibility

Location Start Date End Date Tuition Status
Ladysmith Sept. 15, 2022 Oct. 07, 2022 $3,650 FULL
Ladysmith Jan. 25, 2023 Feb. 16, 2023 $3,650 OPEN

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